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Building Your Brand: 7 Crucial Questions Answered

In this comprehensive article, we address the fundamental questions you should ask before embarking on the journey of building your brand. From understanding the cost and time investment required to develop a brand to deciding whether a rebrand is necessary for your business, we provide insightful answers. We also delve into the role of marketing experts and designers, explore reasons behind underperforming brands online, and discuss the possibility of a template process for achieving Fortune 500 status. Get started on the right path towards building a successful brand by exploring our expert guidance and valuable insights.

Talisen Construction

talisenconstructioncorp.comTHE CHALLENGE: Talisen Construction came to us to raise awareness of their unique and innovative business model and the benefits it delivers. At thousands of dollars per square foot and millions of dollars per project, the stakes are high in New York City construction. It’s difficult to persuade developers, architects, and real estate portfolio managers to consider new or young …

Kroo USA

kroo.usTHE CHALLENGE: Kroo came to Speakly Media to oversee the design of their brand and a successful marketing plan for their first-in-the-industry app. Explosive growth in the wireless communications field created a fast-moving, fast-changing business landscape. Amid the boom, a group of industry experts saw a gap in the way wireless construction crews and the people that hired them were …