Brand Discovery & Strategy Workshop

A comprehensive 21 day workshop to help brands become top of mind when customers are ready to buy. We schedule ~3-5 meetings with your brand's leadership team, consolidate key information, conduct interviews & lead independent research. Upon completion we deliver a turn key branding & marketing blueprint designed to help you effectively scale your brand, tailored to your unique objectives.

Our Brand Discovery is focused on helping businesses understand & implement high-level branding & customer-centric positioning techniques practiced by the most successful brands in the world. Let us guide you through some of the fastest, most effective ways to build effective brand awareness, create loyal customer relationships & generate organic word-of-mouth marketing by repositioning your existing marketing infrastructure or conceptualizing a new winning & memorable brand.

  • Customer Demographic Review
  • Target Audience Research
  • Brand Discovery
  • Brand Positioning
  • Visual Guidelines
  • Clarification of Your Brand Values, Benefits, and "Why" Statement

Brand Identity

Brand Strategy

Marketing Direction

What should I expect during the Brand Discovery Workshop?

Clarifying Your Positioning & Brand Direction

We'll work together to identify your brand's personality, key benefits, visual language, imagery, and website direction. Then we'll conduct an investigation of our own and present industry & customer findings to better justify our branding and marketing strategy.

Redefining Your Target Audience

After we gather key data for you and your team our we takes a deep dive into your customers with the goal of uncovering behavioral, interest, and psychographic findings, patterns and trends. Uncovering these new data points helps us build out a bigger target-audience. Finding ways to reach more qualified customers means discovering previously unrealized opportunities to scale your brand's reach and marketing efforts.

Creating Your Branding & Marketing "North Star"

After a full marketing & strategy review we customize & deliver an implementation plan that best fits your branding and marketing objectives. Speakly Media will then implement these recommendations at your discretion. Together we will build a team that is dedicated to your success.

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