Kroo - Telecom Job Booking Platform

THE CHALLENGE: Kroo came to Speakly Media to oversee the design of their brand and a successful marketing plan for their first-in-the-industry app. Explosive growth in the wireless communications field created a fast-moving, fast-changing business landscape. Amid the boom, a group of industry experts saw a gap in the way wireless construction crews and the people that hired them were using technology to scale their businesses. Those experts created Kroo, a digital platform that connects construction crews with those who need them to fulfill contracts with wireless carriers like AT+T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and others.


  • Clarify the Brand Voice & Visual Tone
  • Marketing Collateral / Pitch Deck
  • Animation Explainer Reel
  • Marketing Website

Brand Strategy

Speakly worked with Kroo’s in-house branding and website teams, as well as their executive team, including the president, CMO, and CEO, to oversee the design of email marketing, create visual assets and develop a successful marketing plan.

  • Social Media Audience Research
  • Social Ad Campaigns
  • Targeted Landing Pages
  • Advertising Strategy
  • Audience Demographic Targeting
  • Ads + Video + Social + Copy

Kroo Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Reinvention

Speakly’s branding team put together and executed a comprehensive plan covering brand research, brand strategy and brand identity. With insights resulting from stakeholder interviews with clients, we developed brand guidelines that directed creative teams on all creative briefs and external communications.

  • Brand Guidelines
  • 3D Visual Elements
  • Social Image & Copy Guidelines
  • Color Language
  • Copy Tone & Formatting

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Branded Content Creation

This content was created to support the brand identity reinvention & social media marketing and ads.

Kroo Content Creation
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Kroo Content Creation
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