TTI - Tucker Technology

THE CHALLENGE: TTI came to us to position themselves as an innovative leader in the 5G telecom construction industry. TTI is a 5G telecommunications installation brand made up of a team of thought leaders, field engineers, tower climbers, and professionals on a mission to bring 5G to the entire USA, however, their digital marketing was virtually non-existent.


  • Provide SEO strategy based on the competitive landscape and comprehensive keyword research
  • Optimize the website with SEO titles, meta descriptions, H1s
  • Overhaul the messaging on the website
  • Produce high-quality visual storytelling content for use on their website and social media

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TTI engaged with Speakly to gain a fuller understanding of the digital marketing space and how to better utilize their assets and brand to develop a foothold in the rapidly growing 5G telecommunications space. One of the first opportunities that Speakly’s strategy team came across was the potential to increase TTI’s organic search visibility.

Speakly Media Strategy for TTI

Google Analytics


Through a technical site audit and competitive analysis, Speakly identified the technical issues and elements to be optimized on-site. Based on comprehensive research, we found opportunities to use unbranded keywords with high search volume. Through a proprietary tool, we created profiles in local listing directories to establish brand-consistency and search visibility. We incorporated the targeted keywords into the headlines (h1, h2, etc), SEO titles, meta descriptions, and site copy. This strategy led to a significant increase in organic ranking in a short time.


In conjunction with our on-site optimization efforts, the Speakly visual storytelling team developed a robust content strategy that involved the creation of evergreen website and social media visual effects. After crafting photos and video based on extensive keyword research into high-volume search queries, we worked with our proprietary network of visual storytelling experts to produce content that would attract and nurture.