PaQuí Tequila Marketing by Speakly Media

THE CHALLENGE: Getting a new liquor brand onto the shelves of a liquor store, bar, restaurant or nightclub in Manhattan is tough. There’s limited space and over 90% of that space is taken by the industry giants in every category, from vodka to whiskey and everything in-between. PaQui Tequila came to us to raise awareness among owners and managers of these businesses and provide B2B leads for the PaQui sales team. The goal was to get this new brand from a “handful of accounts” to 50 accounts. In 11 months, PaQui Tequila had 150 accounts.


  • Marketing Website
  • Rebranded Visual Identity
  • Ad Platform Creation
  • Hyper-targeted Geo-based Social Advertising

Wholesale inquiry landing page with email-automation integration.

Rebranded Visual Identity

Photography & Videography

The brand’s previous photography was badly in need of an overhaul and injection of energy. Video content was minimal. We mothballed the uninspiring portfolio and brought a hefty supply of PaQui to our Brooklyn studio for a series of photo and video shoots that captured the edgy fun of the brand. We brought in influencers and bartenders and captured the essence of this exciting new tequila on film. PaQui was now ready for the big show: the internet.

PaQuí Silvera Cocktail - Tequila Photography
PaQuí Silvera - Tequila Photography
PaQuí Blue Cocktail - Tequila Photography

Marketing Website

PaQui wanted Speakly to build a website that captured the interest of visitors and was easy to navigate. Speakly’s website team designed a platform with a flow of information that allowed visitors to see the brand story and understand the key values of the tequila. Call to actions included contact information for B2B visitors and an email capture and store finder for B2C visitors.

PaQuí Tequila Website by Speakly Media
PaQuí Tequila Landing Page by Speakly Media
PaQuí Store Finder by Speakly Media

Social Media Ads & Engagement

PaQui asked Speakly to create and build a social media presence that attracted and engaged followers, lead to sustainable revenue growth by driving users to the website from social, and provided proof of concept backed by data for the PaQui sales team when they pitched liquor stores and bars/restaurants.

We created an awareness campaign for the client with the goal of getting more people interested in PaQuí, and get more liquor stores and bars/restaurants to buy.

ROI on this project: 4x (+102) Active Wholesale Clients

ROI on this project: 1,489 New Fans

Social Media Ads & Engagement

PaQui had virtually no marketplace presence before signing with Speakly. Our Facebook experts were faced with introducing a new brand to the hyper-competitive Manhattan liquor market without any historical data. Using advanced demographic research to create a "Custom Facebook Audience," our video ads reached Facebook users who fit our target market perfectly. In less than 6 months these video ads contributed to creating over 71 thousand brand-aware Facebook users specifically within New York City.

Every 30 days our team would assess the performance of these paid campaigns, review the data, and make adjustments to use more of the targeting criteria that yielded the best ad performance.

Using this data we created & targeted a new "look-alike audience" which allowed us to reach MORE Facebook users that fit this high-performing demographic.

This advanced targeting method not only helped introduce the brand to users we might not have considered before, it also increased our ad's lifespan. This gave us

  • MORE repeat views per engaged audience member (frequency of 6.7)
  • LARGER user reach than originally intended
  • LOWER cost per campaign objective conversion

In less than 6 months these video ads contributed to creating over 71 thousand brand-aware facebook users specifically within New York City.

This hard data is the best ammunition that your sales team could ask for.
Let us help you build an audience of hyper local, super engaged facebook users to better spread the word about your brand.

Don't just trust us– see the results.

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