Multiplying brand awareness through Facebook Ads

Getting PaQuí tequila into 4x more stores

We created an awareness campaign for PaQuí Tequila with the goal of getting more people interested in PaQuí, and get more liquor stores and bars/restaurants to buy. ROI on this project: 4x (+102) Active Wholesale Clients ROI on this project: 1,489 New Fans See the Ad & Strategy -> See the Landing Page -> See the Results ->
  • Digital Media
  • Social Ads
  • Landing Page
  • Videography
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Web Design

Advanced ad marketing strategy with video

Using advanced demographic research to create a "Custom Facebook Audience" allowed our video ads to reach Facebook users who fit our target market perfectly. But it gets better. Every 30 days our team would asses the performance of these paid campaigns, review the data, and make adjustments to use more of the targeting criteria that yielded the best ad performance. Using this data we created & targeted a new "look-alike audience" which allowed us to reach MORE Facebook users that fit this high-performing demographic. This advanced targeting method not only helped introduce the brand to users we might not have considered before, it also increased our ad's lifespan. This gave us
  • MORE repeat views per engaged audience member (frequency of 6.7)
  • LARGER user reach than originally intended
  • LOWER cost per campaign objective conversion
In less than 6 months these video ads contributed to creating over 71 thousand brand-aware facebook users specifically within New York City. This hard data is the best ammunition that your sales team could ask for. Let us help you build an audience of hyper local, super engaged facebook users to better spread the word about your brand.

And a classic landing page design to convert browsers into buyers.

Does your brand need 4x the accounts that it has? Or maybe hundreds or thousands of new fans?

Wholesale inquiry landing page with email-automation integration.

Don’t just trust us– see the results.

Screenshots straight from Facebook.

Facebook Ad Copy